Corporate Values

Tradition. Homeland. Innovation.

Corporate Values

For decades the Senfter Holding has been deeply rooted in South Tyrol and especially in the “Pustertal” Valley. Its attachment to its homeland has always inspired its activities and corporate values. The success of a company is based on future-oriented cooperation between management, employees and the larger community in which the company is embedded. Senfter Holding is proud to share its success with this community and to contribute to mutual enrichment. Senfter Holding’s vision of the future is based on the economic, cultural and social growth of South Tyrol.

We believe in our region as a location for companies that are able to provide great services nationally and internationally. We believe in our region as a key point between North and South, East and West, where cultures have always converged and created common values. We believe in our region as an intact habitat of unique beauty and human quality. Protecting this habitat for our children should influence all our actions. Senfter Holding is convinced that long-term success is the result of a constant search for improvement of the status quo. Our visions are wide-ranging, our horizons unlimited. We look far and wide for opportunities, sometimes taking unconventional paths.

However, we never lose sight of our goal of creating value for the company and for our location. Without the commitment of our employees, our goals are only worth as much as the paper on which they are written. Our employees are therefore our most important resource, in which we invest in the long term and from which we draw our strength. Senfter Holding welcomes a variety of ideas and cultures and enriches itself and grows from them every day. The focus is on people. Our task is to awaken his full potential and use it for the benefit of the company and the community.

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