Family Senfter

In the 5th generation, shaped and inspired by the pioneering achievements of Franz Senfter, guided by our values and our attachment to tradition, family and nature, we have stood for over 160 years for a traditional and innovative family business. The preservation and economic development of our homeland and region, as well as the artisanal production of meat and sausage products using modern technologies have always had the highest priority and importance for us.

Adventure in the great outdoors that makes people really happy. Human beings were created to move freely in nature in summer as well as in winter. The wilderness is our real home. We have come from the free nature and in the end man wants to return to the free nature. Free nature is our natural habitat.

Completely relax, completely switch off, completely let go of stressful everyday life and enjoying every breath anew. Well-being is well deserved! Finding paradise on earth for oneself, one’s partner and family members is our goal.

A journey into the culinary past at that pre-industrial time when there was only handicraft in the food sector and genuine quality was the normality. To revive the handicraft traditions of Italy, Germany, Spain and France and to offer the people of today the genuine Salumi quality at the level that would have been possible hundreds of years ago. This is our Goal.

Using clean and renewable energy, saving energy by using modern technology, using compostable packaging materials, reducing waste, building in harmony with nature, animal welfare and much more. We want to make our contribution so that the world tomorrow will be a better world for all people on our planet Earth.

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